Saturday, October 15, 2011

Virgin post

I started a blog about 7 years ago, when I decided (during what was probably a fairly wine-soaked brainstorming session on how to make money in my pajamas) that I was going to become a "professional" online poker player. I thought it would be cool to follow my ups and downs, and maybe when I went broke, my followers (who would by then have fallen in love with my gritty, heartbreaking stories of love and loss at the virtual poker table) would send me money via PayPal.

 I went on a losing streak the night I created the blog and decided the whole online poker idea was stupid and that was pretty much the end of that.

I found Facebook and Twitter a few years later, but I kept noticing that I have far more to say than will fit in 140 characters or a status update. Things I am certain that my thousands hundreds dozens of friends would be very sorry to have missed out on all these years, if they had realized.

As the title of my blog suggests, I travel. A lot. I cook, I collect (and drink) wine, and I'm great at all of those things.  I'm in an eight-year relationship with a man we'll call Z . I'm really good at that too. We have a law firm in a small town in Hawaii where we daily (ok, ok, at least four days a week) fight the good fight in criminal defense and family law.   I'm awesome at my job but I want to do something else. 
I'm a parent to four children, three of whom are adults in college, and one of whom is 10 years old. In this, I will always be a work in progress. We love the ocean and our little mauka farm and its creatures. I like to garden, but I generally suck at it. Luckily things just grow here, despite me, kind of like the children. 

So here it is, my blog, where I plan to write about things I do, and things I want to do, things that interest me, and those that don't.

It may not be online poker, but I hope I'm entertaining enough for you. At least some of you. Ah hell, truthfully, I don't care what any of you think, this is all about me.

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  1. Thank God you've never really cared what anyone else thought. Its sort of what makes you...YOU.